16 March, 2022 / Oblatas
200 years since the birth of Antonia María Oviedo-Schönthal

Today, March 16, 2022, Antonia María de Oviedo y Schönthal, Foundress of our Congregation, the Oblate Sisters of the Most Holy Redeemer turns 200 years old.

In the shores of Lake Leman in Lausanne, Switzerland, a great woman was born, she “lived what she believed and announced what she lived” because she knew how to make known her passion for God and for humanity in all the places that she went and where she put her skills and knowledge for the service of the common good.

Her father, Don Antonio de Oviedo, lovingly left a written note of this day: “Today, March 16, 1822, at two in the morning, Antonia was born from my beloved wife Susita.”

At present, Antonia María de Oviedo continues to be a gift from God for the society, the Church and the Congregation.

She marked a path for the Oblate Family, which, following her example, aspires to recreate the mission in each reality where they are. Therefore, this jubilee year fills the great Oblate community with joy, nurtures and strengthens it as a congregation.



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